Good Morning, Markey!
Thank you so much for taking time to meet with me last night. Hearing your many ideas about how I could proceed with my search was truly energizing. I'm especially motivated to follow up on the Local College idea. I checked the list of trustees and found that I actually know one of them, so he's someone I can get in touch with to learn more and get on their radar screen.
In truth, it was enjoyable just to have a chance to sit down and talk with you. We have many commonalities in our backgrounds but have gone in different directions: it makes for good conversation!
I also want to say how fortunate I feel to have been able to train with you for the MBTI qualification. Being able to use Psychological Type in my career counseling work has been a huge enhancement to my professional life--not to mention the benefits on the relationship front.
I will definitely keep in touch as I progress through what I know will be a long but also rewarding process.
Again, my sincere thanks.

Sue (ENTJ Career Consulting Professional)
Hello Markey,
Sorry for the delay in writing. The good news is that I start tomorrow. I will be filling the Account Manager role that I originally contacted them about. The Director position didn't fly because at the end of the day it ended up morphing into much more of a financial role (setting up a bank to managing administration of a $100 million loan fund. I breezed through the process for the AM position. I am very happy with the results as the people I will be calling on are perfect for my network should I want to get back into facility management or to go the Owner's Rep route.
I want to thank you for all of your support and faith in me. Your spirit was exactly what I needed to deal with this curve ball and some very difficult personal times. His didn't kill me so I guess I am stronger. Thank you for everything!
All the best,

Nick (ISTJ Executive Team Member)
Hi Markey,
Thanks for meeting with me the other day to help me prepare for my interview with that non-profit! I really appreciated the advice you gave. Reading the descriptions of my MBTI type and using it as language to describe myself in an interview was an idea that had never occurred to me. I also used it to help remind me what I had to offer and to build some self-confidence before going into an intimidating situation. I needed that . . . I had let myself get pretty wigged out.
So...the interview went really well. I felt prepared and comfortable. I got into a groove and really let my personality shine through. AND it must have worked because they called today to offer the job!! I can hardly believe it! I've never had a full time job before and have been working 80 hours a week for an AmeriCorps stipend; I can hardly fathom how amazing this will be.
Thanks again for your advice I it really helped!
PS: I also asked for a higher salary as per your advice and they gave it to me! So THANK YOU for giving me that tip, it NEVER would have occurred to me on my own.

Nicole (ENFP AmeriCorps Member)

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