Hi Markey,
“Thank you for the time that we spent working on my networking skills and the leads that you provided. I will recommend your company to anyone I know that is in need of Outplacement assistance. Thanks again for all your help in my employment search.”

James S.
Hi Markey,
“I’m glad I found Career Networks, it has made all the difference. I’ve gone from feeling devastated about my job loss to being excited about my future. I would recommend Career Networks to anyone who needs career assistance.”

Lisa L.
Hi Markey,
“I have discovered strengths and weaknesses that I honestly hadn’t known about before. Career Networks has also made me aware of talents and abilities I have that I had discounted or forgotten about. Knowing these things has given me more personal confidence in myself, whether looking for a job or not.”

Paul H.
Hi Markey,
“Thank you for your help in my job search. Your help lead me to a position. I couldn’t have done it without your support and it really meant a lot to me. Thank you again for your time and help.”

Robin (ENTJ, Marketing Professional).
Hi Markey,
The comfortable, relaxed and in-depth 'counseling' process allowed me take an informed look at what I wanted in a position, identify potential companies, and develop a resume that attracted my target audience. Your expertise with wide range of personality shaping factors allowed me to identify and repackage needs that I ordinarily would not have been able to present to perspective employers. Armed with this information, and using your job search strategy recommendations, I was able to focus on three good companies, giving myself freedom to enjoy a hard earned 'vacation' and catch up on ALL those little tasks that seem to pile-up from month to month.
The result: minimized stress in a traditionally stressful transition and a satisfying career with my first choice company.

Ian (computer technology professional)
Hi Markey,
“Thank you for helping me change my life. When I first came to you I was in a bad situation, had low self-esteem and felt trapped. I now have a position in marketing that will both expand my abilities and test my skills. I could not have done this without a professional resume and all the job searching skills I learned at Career Networks. Thanks again for helping me become a confident and happy person with a plan for the future.”

Sandi R.
Hi Markey
“Your advice and recommendations in choosing a fulfilling career truly helped me focus on the long-term implications of accepting a position. Due in part to your assistance, I have landed a great career with a fast-growing firm. Thank you again for your invaluable advice.”

Joseph P
Hi Markey,
“The conversation you had with me was done in such a professional and powerful way, I was able to see beyond what I already knew and allow myself to let a new future unfold. The tools that Career Networks has developed are very effective. I now have tools that I can use in fulfilling on various projects in my life.”

Helen H.
Hi Markey
Thanks for touching base. I did land that job as a sub-contractor with the Department of State. I leave Tuesday on my third trip overseas. This one is a three weeker with stops in Gambia, Mauritania, and Niger. We are doing anti-terrorism training for foreign nationals. My first trip was to Romanis, Slovak Republic, Iceland, Beligum and Syria. The second trip was three weeks in Bolivia. The resume that you put together for me, was surely a help in landing this job, and I don't miss law enforcement at all. Take care.

Paul (ISTP, former Police Officer & Trainer)
Hi Markey
For a number of reasons I became convinced of the wisdom to seek the kind of help your company offers at this moment in my professional life, and it paid off! Of particular value was the Myers-Briggs analysis and re-framing my professional story in the resume and other communications to reflect meaningful professional and life experiences tailored to my objectives. As you know, I have a fairly comprehensive professional and personal network, which you encouraged me to utilize. I found that part of my search very stimulating, enjoyable and effective. I also found our regular meetings to be very helpful, especially as we discussed strategies in approaching and dealing with potential employers. I have recommended your company to others and trust they will have a similarly positive and successful outcome as I have.

Daniel P.

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